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5 Ways to Deal with Pet Obesity

By :Karl Stewart 0 comments
5 Ways to Deal with Pet Obesity

Just like their owners, pets, too, are susceptible to obesity. Pets can develop excessive body fat and become obese due to over-eating and a lack of physical exercise. Sometimes, the pet gains overweight by receiving constant food rewards from pet owners, and inadequate physical activity contributes to obesity. Pet's obesity can cause various health problems, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and tumors.

Here are the top five ways you can undertake to deal with your pet's obesity:

Exercise everyday

Exercise is a fundamental part of a weight loss program to burn excessive calories. Pets become overweight if the amount of calories they eat outweighs the number of calories they burn. Exercising and playing release the feel-good endorphins that boost your pet's calorie burn and keeps them in good shape. A regular moving activity for 30 minutes also helps them to keep their muscle lean and joints resilient.

Monitor their calorie intake

Overfeeding is the principal cause of obesity in pets. It is essential to monitor the quality and quantity of food your pet eats throughout the day, including the leftover treats. Various factors such as age, activity level, gender affect the calorie-burning in pets. However, portion control is a significant step to treat and prevent overweight. 

Feed with healthy treats

For pet owners, treats are the easiest way to showcase love and affection to their pets. The reason your pet happily gobbles the biscuits and training treats is the concentrated levels of sugar and sodium that make it hard to resist. However, such pet treats add up calorie levels while giving no good value to your pet's health. Healthy snacking is a better way to treat your pet. You can change your pet's unhealthy eating habits by switching to raw baby carrots, apple slices, or broccoli florets. 

Periodic checkups

The well-being of pets ultimately depends upon their owners. Keeping notes of your pet's weight, diet, and health progress will allow you to assess your pet's health properly. An easy and reliable way to stay aware and ensure your pet's good health is to visit your vet regularly. If you suspect your pet is bearing any health problems or simply gaining weight unintentionally, it is best to consult your vet. Your vet will explain the possible causes of your pet's weight gain and provide medication to control the condition.

Switch to vet-recommended diet 

Your pet's obesity is preventable and treatable, provided if you follow your vet's advice. Managing your pet's weight is not easy. Therefore, following a safe and effective food diet recommendation is best for your pet's health. Your veterinarian examines your pet's condition and prescribes your pet with a specific nutritional diet that will help you get back your pet's good health on track. 

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