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5 Signs your Dog is Suffering from Poor Digestion

By :Karl Stewart 0 comments
5 Signs your Dog is Suffering from Poor Digestion

Dogs need a nutritious and balanced diet for healthy living. Your dog needs the right combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates to build a robust immune system. Garbage disposals, leftovers, or other unhygienic food may cause severe digestive issues for your dog's health. As a dog owner, you should keep a close eye on your dog's digestive health. Spotting the signs of poor digestion at an early stage is essential to provide better health treatments to your dog.

Here are the five common signs your dog is suffering from poor digestion:


Diarrhea or runny stool clearly shows that the food is moving through your dog's body at a swift pace. Some severe cases even show blood in dog's stools. Even stress and anxiety may cause your dogs to suffer from diarrhea which may not be due to other health conditions. However, your dog may suffer from stress-related colitis resulting in runny stools with traces of blood or mucus. Colitis may be a cause of bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections.

Weight Loss

Some dogs are fussy eaters and may refuse to touch the food they are unfamiliar with. If your dog doesn't eat for more than two days or starts losing weight rapidly, you must take advice from your vet. Once your dog is diagnosed with an illness or condition, make sure to follow the prescription and seek ways to handle your dog's picky eating habits.


Vomiting is one of the most common yet severe indicators of the illness of your dog. Multiple vomiting may cause dehydration and indicates a wide range of diseases ranging from heat stroke to liver failure. You need to pay attention to your dog's dietary needs. You must seek immediate consultation from your vet if your dog is repeatedly vomiting.

Excess gas

Gas being built up in the intestinal tract and colon causes canine flatulence, resulting in the occasional passing of gas in dogs. Therefore, it is normal for your dog to pass gas. However, excess gas is an issue if your dog passes gas more frequently or if your dog feels bloated. Reduce the amount of high-fat diets and milk products in your dog's diet to cure their bloating.


One practical way to find out about your dog's poor digestive health is by paying attention to their stools. Constipation generally indicates that food is moving through the dog's body at a slow rate. Possible causes for constipation are due to dehydration or lack of fiber in your dog's diet. Try inculcating your dog's food with fresh and moist food that contains insoluble fibers to help them relieve constipation and straining while passing stools.

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