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Indulge Your Pet with Our All-Natural, Single-Ingredient Treats - No Harmful Additives Included

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With Pet treats ranging from our bestselling Beef Jerky strips, Bull Pizzle strips, Pigs Ears for Dogs Himalayan dog chew Yak chews.
Along with our premium quality supplements for Pet eye care to Diarrhoea relief we stock the best Dog, Cat, Kitten treats.
All of our products are natural, gluten free and hypoallergenic healthy dog treats. Better health, joints and more!


5 Ways to Deal with Pet Obesity
22 Jul

5 Ways to Deal with Pet Obesity

Just like their owners, pets, too, are susceptible to obesity. Pets can develop excessive body fat and become obese due to over-eating...

Debunking 5 Pet Food Myths
15 Jul

Debunking 5 Pet Food Myths

Nothing can be compared with a pet’s unconditional love and affection for its owners. Pets are a source of positivity and happiness...

5 Signs your Dog is Suffering from Poor Digestion
25 Jun

5 Signs your Dog is Suffering from Poor Digestion

Dogs need a nutritious and balanced diet for healthy living. Your dog needs the right combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and complex...

Healthy Pets UK

6 Steps to stress free moving with a Pet

Downsizing is a daunting task, especially when you have a furry friend to think about. But don't fret, pet lovers! You can make the process smooth and even enjoyable with these six easy steps.

Step 1: Ease Your Stress The first step is to minimize stress for both you and your pet. Hire a pet sitter or work from home a couple of days a week to make the moving preparations less overwhelming.

Step 2: Let Go of the Clutter Let's face it - you don't need that old sweater from high school, and your pet doesn't need that chewed-up toy from three years ago. Go through your belongings and separate them into keep, throw away, donate, or sell boxes. Before tossing any pet care items, make sure you won't need them in the future.

Step 3: Prep Your Home for Showings To sell your current house, you need to prepare it for showings. Fix any leaks or cracks and remove any personalized decor to appeal to potential buyers. You don't want your pet to be stressed by strangers, so make sure they're out of the house during showings.

Step 4: Find Your New Nest Buying a house as a pet owner means looking for a home with a fenced-in yard and solid hardwood floors. Check out breed-specific pet laws in different localities to make sure you're in compliance. Make sure your new home is cozy and comfortable for your pet.

Step 5: Buy the Right Pet Products To make your pet feel calm and comfortable in their new home, purchase the right pet products. Look for high-quality and safe items, and check out customer ratings and veterinarian reviews. A new bed, toys, and blankets will make your pet feel right at home.

Step 6: Keep Your Pet Happy During the move, your pet might feel anxious or scared. Crate training them before the move and setting up a designated space with their bed and toys will help them feel more secure. Pack some nutritious treats to reward your furry friend for their good behavior. Downsizing with a pet doesn't have to be stressful. Follow these six easy steps to make the process a breeze. And if you need healthy treats or other pet products. start shopping!

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